Friday 17 December 2010

papa's kinetic !!

Just a while ago,as i was busy in the kitchen..i heard my dad's kinetic horn...which everyday signalled to me its evening...n papa's home !! me or my sis n sometimes both would rush to slide open the heavy gate...n vroooom he enters...effortlessly casually elegantly...and my first look goes into the front basket...and even before he parks the kinetic i am holding couple of bags...somedays its delicious rabdi somedays its jalebi...sometimes freshly baked bread n sometimes huge king prawns...and i hurry inside clutching those to show mummy.And if at times there isnt anythng in the basket there is another place to wait n look for...n i go back to my room...and as me n sis keep chitchatting we wait for papa's footsteps on the stairs leading to our room...mummy following behind with a cup of hot tea..n then papa comes to us n empties his pockets as we catch the toffees one by one !!and no matter how old i get but that picture of papa smiling laughing in that chair swing holding his cup of tea,mummy sitting by his side with a shawl wrapped around her n sipping her tea while me n sis sitting on our bed with pillows on our laps n books on the pillows n snacks in between...a moment which i have lived again n again,which can warm me up anytime anywhere...even far across the our lovely apartment in Tokyo...
And now there has been special addition to this picture with my hubby by my side,joining in such lovely evenings...and then i want to see my sis's hubby joining in...and then the kids to come...n see dad throw toffees into their small cupped palms as we all rejoice in the moment perfect !! Amen.